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Longest WIP ever – now the TaDah!

3 years ago *gulp* this project started. It was going to be my first ever patchwork quilt and ofcourse I didn’t start with something small, but went for a blanket instead. And ofcourse I didn’t follow any pattern but made up my own. (if you would like to see the whole lengthy process, click here)

The last time I posted about it was almost 1 1/2 years ago: I realised I had miscalculated something and now my precious quilt had turned out very long and very narrow. I asked for help with fixing this, but even though I did get some tips the whole thing ended up gathering dust in a corner.

Until recently. All of a sudden I decided that I was going to finish it, even if it was ‘wrong’. Because I loved it as I was working on it, because I had already promised it to Big Brother, and also simply because of all the time I put into it. I just decided this was NOT ending up an UFO.

So here it is. There is a lot that’s not perfect about it: apart from the obvious size miscalculation, I also made the mistake of sticking it in the dryer after it was done, and despite the fact that I had washed and machine dried all the fabrics and the batting, it still shrank. The batting is 100% cotton so I suppose that is why. I’ll never machine dry it again and hope it will stretch back into shape a bit over time.

But I love it. It’s a really really boyish quilt and the pattern (or lack thereof) turned out exactly as I hoped.
And more importantly: Big Brother loves it. He sleeps with it every night, even though summer has finally hit us. And when both Brothers crawl into bed with us on weekend mornings, he brings it with him and cuddles up under it.

* I hope you will use it for very many years to come, my sweet big little boy *

patchwork blanket 2013 may 1

patchwork blanket 2013 may 1

patchwork blanket 2013 may 1

patchwork quiltpatchwork quilt

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