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A visit to my favourite museum: Naturalis in Leiden


Something different here on my blog today, because recently me and the boys took a trip to my favourite museum. (summer holiday + lots of rain + thunderstorm = museum) I love it, and I also love taking photos there, so I thought it would be nice to share a few.

Naturalis is a museum of natural history. It’s a very modern museum with lots of interactive elements. It is located in Leiden in a very beautiful old building connected with a walkway across the road to a very new building. This old-meets-new theme is something that you find time and again as you walk around (like the ancient labels on some of the jars), and for me is part of the charm. But then ofcourse there is also the dinosaurs…!

Naturalis 2014 #01

First there is the ‘old’ part, with lots of cabinets and glass cases with specimens. It’s usually very quiet here for some reason, and it’s probably my favourite part.

Naturalis 2014 #02


Naturalis 2014 #03

Then there is this huge hall with lots of fossils:

Naturalis 2014 #04


Naturalis 2014 #05

And dinosaur eggs:

Naturalis 2014 #06

And actual dinosaurs:

Naturalis 2014 #07

And more skeletons (yes that’s a woolly mammoth in the middle there):

Naturalis 2014 #08

There were also lots of pretty shells:

Naturalis 2014 #09


Naturalis 2014 #10
Naturalis 2014 #11

Pretty butterflies:

Naturalis 2014 #12

And creepy crawlies:

Naturalis 2014 #13

Beautiful display of plants:

Naturalis 2014 #14

Pretty rocks:

Naturalis 2014 #15
Naturalis 2014 #16

And amazingly cool animal displays:

Naturalis 2014 #17
Naturalis 2014 #18
Naturalis 2014 #19

(I just had to sneak a wombat in there)

There was an exhibit about animals in motion:

Naturalis 2014 #20


Naturalis 2014 #21
Naturalis 2014 #22

One about DNA:

Naturalis 2014 #23

And a really cool interactive exhibition about animals and their ‘super senses’, where you had to use all your own senses to find out how animals use theirs:

Naturalis 2014 #24
Naturalis 2014 #25
Naturalis 2014 #26

We all had a great time. Will certainly go again next year!
So if you are ever in the neighbourhood and have a chance to visit Naturalis (especially with kids who are interested in animals or fossils) make sure to do so: it will be worth it!

One more photo, just because I LOVE this poster! It was part of a workshop for kids, where they could learn how to realisticly draw sea creatures, just like the ‘real’ biologist do. Would love to have this in my craft room, even though it was about 3 meters tall. O_o

Naturalis 2014 #27

If you like my Naturalis photos; check out many more gorgeous ones on Flickr here.

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