WIP Wednesday – some knitting and some embroidery


Good morning! I finally managed to take some pictures this wednesday so I can actually show a couple of things I’m working on (or should be working on) .
First there is this little experiment. On a whim I needle felted some scrap wool roving to a piece of scrap wool felt to try embroidering over it. From there everything just came together as I was working on it, without having a clear image in my head. It’s really wonderful when that happens.
I would love to finish it. I just need to find the time for a little more stitching.

(EDIT: here it is all finished: A fiber artsy finish)

knitting and embroidery

Second is this Baktus scarf (the pattern is super simple and can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/norwayneedles/2963651011/). I started knitting it in the fall, because for once I thought I’d knit myself a scarf before I actually needed it. The knitting was done in less than a week, but since I used scrap yarn there is a gazillion ends to weave in. So that’s where I left it… all winter.

knitting and embroideryknitting and embroidery

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