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Lately I have been having some sort of blogger’s block. It’s not that I don’t have anything I would like to blog about; there is plenty going on around here, both on the crafty front and on others.
No, it’s more that whenever there is something I would like to post on my blog, the thought of making (good) photographs, editing them, writing the post, translating it and finally putting everything together makes me tired… It just seems like too much work.
So, I decided that from now on, everything does not have to be perfect. I can make pics with my phone if I don”t feel like bringing out the big camera, and I can just add a few words without having to make a nice story.
I hope this will help. Wish me luck 🙂

Studio Paars - jellyfish craft from fabric scraps

Anyway, here is a jellyfish!
I made him from some scrap fabric and assorted ribbons and trims. He was super easy to put together and looks very cute, especially when the wind catches his ‘tentacles’.
Found on Pinterest; from the blog: Sixty One A.

Studio Paars - jellyfish craft from fabric scraps

jellyfish craft from fabric scraps

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