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DIY: make a gemstone spiral bracelet

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After the fun I had making earrings I decided to finish some spiral bracelets I had started ages ago. I used some leftover chip beads that hadn’t made it to the store and only a little of a roll of bracelet memory wire.
These too will go to my Etsy shop soon.
EDIT: I put them in the shop; click on individual image for the link!

gemstone spiral bracelet

DIY – If you would like to make these yourself, here’s a short how-to:
Supplies needed:
– half a string of chip beads
– a couple (2 to 4) of coils of bracelet-sized memory wire
– cutting pliers
– round nose pliers
Simply string the chip beads (sometimes some won’t fit the wire) and when you’re done, use the round nose pliers to make a loop on the end of the wire (PLEASE NOTE: memory wire is extremely hard to bend, but with a little practice it is possible!). Move all the beads to the closed end of the wire, then cut the wire, leaving some extra. Memory wire is extremely tough to cut as well, so you might not want to use your best pair of cutters as it may dull them. Make another loop on this end and voila! You’re done!

Gemstone spiral bracelets - New Jade
New Jade
Gemstone spiral bracelets - Citrin
Gemstone spiral bracelets - Labradorite
Gemstone spiral bracelets - Rhodonite
Gemstone spiral bracelets - Amethyst
Gemstone spiral bracelets - Hematite
gemstone spiral bracelet

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