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A pretty floral sleeve for my new reader

So I had a birthday last month… I can’t even begin to tell you how much I don’t like my own birthday, and it gets worse every year. It’s not the age thing: I don’t really care about that part. It’s more a matter of expectations for me I guess.
But ANYWAY….. I bought myself an e-reader with the money I received. I had been thinking of getting one for a while because I hoped it would get me to read more, and actually it worked just like I hoped it would. I just chuck it in my bag whenever I go anywhere and read whenever I have to wait anywhere. (I read 3 books in the first 4 days I had it!)

Studio Paars - gadget sleeve / gadget hoesje

But it needed a sleeve to protect it from all the junk I carry around in my bag. So I made one from a piece of this vintage curtain I thrifted some years ago. I love the flower pattern, but since it’s a weird synthetic fabric, not stretchy but a little too thick for quilts and such, I haven’t used it yet (someday I want to make a bag out of the rest of it). I lined it with a pink polkadot cotton and padded it with fleece batting.

Studio Paars - gadget sleeve / gadget hoesje

I considered writing a tutorial, but then I found this one here on, which is exactly the same as mine (apart from her using a thick fleece fabric for the lining instead of padding). And it’s really detailed too so if you want to make your own, just have a look at her blog.

I like seeing it. It really cheers up the iside of my bag 😉

gadget sleeve

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