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Embroidery with Take A Stitch Tuesday


I noticed Take A Stitch Tuesday has restarted this January!

Embroidery with Take A Stitch Tuesday

For anyone who is at all interested in embroidery I highly recommend this. For a complete beginner who is interested in learning the stitches (like I was in 2012) this is the perfect opportunity: every week there is a new stitch to learn, and because you get to see other people’s  stitches, commenting on them and receiving comments yourself it’s a lot of fun. For a more advanced stitcher there is lots of eye-candy to get inspired by and also this time around there is a special advanced “beyond TAST” challenge.

I’m moving my old TAST-stitches to my new blog here as quickly as possible, so more will be added, but click here if you would like to see what I made of it back then… in 2012 so I learned a bit since then 😀

This time around there is a facebook group for all participants and the hashtags #TASTembroidery and #PintangleTAST for Instagram and the like.

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