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Embroidery stitches: Buttonhole Stitch [TAST 2012 #02]

I joined the Take A Stitch Tuesday project in 2012 to teach myself embroidery and learn from others; these are my stitches.
Visit this website if you would like to join in with the most recent version, or just have a look at all the beautiful stitching.

TAST 2012 Stitch 2: Buttonhole Stitch
Also named Blanket Stitch. Or maybe they’re not the same after all… I started out stitching from bottom to top, but later realised it was supposed to go the other way.
I had some experience with this stitch because of my felt crafts, but I had no idea how many variations it could make. I like this one!

tast 2012 #2: buttonhole stitch

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