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Embroidered felt stones

I LOVE lil fish studio! Lisa Jordan is an amazing textile artist and everything she makes, clearly inspired by nature, is incredibly beautiful. If you don’t know her, please have a look around her blog.
She makes these sweet little detailed embroidered felted stones and even has a has a tutorial on her blog for the felting part. Following her instructions (more or less) I tried felting a couple of stones.
I found it a lot harder than I thought it would be. On one of the stones the felt just refused to stay together and I had to try stitching it back together after it dried. Pretty much a total fail (see below).

The other one felted nicely, and then just lay there being a nice but plain grey fuzzy felted stone. So last night I tried embroidering on it. This was also a lot harder than I expected: because the layer of felt is uneven my stitches seemed to have a mind of their own and refused to go where I wanted them to. But I like the result: nowhere near perfect but still it’s a soft sweet little object.
The best part: when Big Brother spotted it he lifted it in his hand and said: “Is this a rock? It IS a rock! Can I have it?”. I explained to him this was just my first try and I wanted to keep it so that I could learn from it. So now he has requested one for himself. A blue one. The best compliment I could hope for 🙂

Embroidered felted stones #1 & #2

Embroidered felted stones #1 & #2

embroidered felt stones

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