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DIY: make an earring stand from a photo frame

I have been thinking for a while about a way to organise my earrings; I have a ton of these tiny studs that I wear a lot and they look something like this:

earring stand from photo frame

And today the solution just hit me! (While sorting out the mess that keeps accumulating in our bedroom, of all things.) Ofcourse I had to go and make it straight away 🙂

So here is what you will need:
– a small picture frame
– a piece of felt
– some glue
– optional: some embellishments like paint, glue, paper, fabric, ribbon, beads, buttons, anything really!

I used this el cheapo frame from Ikea. First take it apart to check if the glass isn’t attached to the frame. This one only had a loose bit of clear plastic. Take everything out, leaving only the bare frame. Now embellish! Let your imagination go wild, or leave it blank, whatever you like. I used some old nailpolish very exclusive paint to give mine some colour and some shine.

Now cut out a piece of felt to fit in the frame. Use the cardboard backing as a template.

Now carefully glue the felt in the frame. I applied the glue sparingly to the inside of the frame, placed the felt on top of the glue, and then I placed the cardboard backing back into the frame to give it some stability while it dried. After a few hours I carefully removed the backing which had ofcourse become glued to the frame and ended up with this:

The front looked like this:

Now I only needed to pin all my studs through the felt. I actually had to push pretty hard (and now my fingers are sore!) but the felt and the glue held just fine. I like how I can take them out and rearrange them however I want, but that there won’t be any visible holes in the felt.

[ earring stand from photo frame ]

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