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DIY & free pattern: dutch houses

So I thought it would be nice to give away some sort of free pattern here on my blog. Since it’s resurrection I haven’t had any of those. And what better time than this season of holidays and gift-giving?

I wanted to make something not too christmassy but sort of generally holiday related. And I also thought it would be a nice to give it a dutch touch (since that’s what I am, after all). So I made these dutch houses of felt.

There are 3 different ones, but you could mix up the designs and make endless combinations. I put them in my christmas tree, but you could hang them anywhere you like and even throughout the year, not just for the holiday season.

So, here is the pattern and below are some instructions. Have fun with it and don’t forget to show me what you make with it! Comment here on my blog or tag me with #studiopaars and @audrey_studiopaars on Instagram.

Liefs, Audrey

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes / dutch houses


Blah blah (or the small print): this pattern, the text and the photos are all designed and made by me. You may use this pattern to make as many houses as you like, and you may also sell them. You may not sell the pattern or mass produce houses without written permission from me. And it’s never okay to steal somebody’s design and pretend it’s your own.



  • Some felt scraps
  • Some embroidery floss (or sewing thread) in matching and/or contrasting colours – I used half a skein (so 3 of the 6 strands) of DMC embroidery thread
  • A piece of ribbon or cord

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes / dutch houses

Start by printing the above pattern. Click or tap on the image and then choose to save or print it. Make sure to print on A4 paper and the sizing should work out – but just to be sure I added a size scale to the pattern so you can check if it sizes up correctly.

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes / dutch houses

Next, cut all the pieces from the paper. Now decide which combinations you want to make: you could make the houses just like in the example, or you could choose to place all the doors, windows and staircases differently.

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes / dutch houses

Now pin all the pattern pieces to the felt and cut. Assemble your houses and seperate them, so the parts won’t get mixed up.

Cut each house 2 times, so it will have a separate front- and backside. I left the back of mine blank, because I planned on putting them in my tree, but if you plan on displaying your houses somewhere the backs will also be seen, you could choose to decorate the backs with their own doors, windows etc. This, then, is the time to assemble those as well.

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes / dutch houses

Now attach the felt pieces. It’s easiest to start with the stairs (if there are any) and next up the door. This will allow you to easily figure where to put the windows.

I used blanket stitch to attach the felt. This stitch will give your pattern pieces that nice edge. You could also choose to use a simple overhand stitch; this will give a different look but is also effective, and works a little easier (and quicker!).

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes / dutch houses

When you’re attaching your stairs (or door), make sure not to stitch down the side that is next to the bottom of your house. This also goes for any windows that might be right next to the side of your house. These outer edges will be all sewn down at the same time, at the end. It would give a messy look if there would be two layers of stitches.

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes / dutch houses

After the stairs and the door, sew on the windows. I divided the large window of the light gray house into smaller ones with three large single stitches. You could add further embellishments now: think windowsill flowerpots, bycicles at the door or whatever: use your imagination!

Last, sew the two sides of the house together. I also used blanket stitch here, because the effect reminded me of bricks, but you could use a overhand stitch here as well. Start sewing all the way around, but remember to stick your piece of ribbon or cord through the top. Make sure the ends stick inside for a few centimetres, and sew through them to make sure everything is secure.

Now repeat for the other houses and you’re done!

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes / dutch houses

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes / dutch houses

Studio Paars - hollandse huisjes kerstboom / dutch houses christmas tree

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dutch houses

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