WIP Wednesday – some knitting and some embroidery

Good morning! I finally managed to take some pictures this wednesday so I can actually show a couple of things I’m working on (or should be working on) .
First there is this little experiment. On a whim I needle felted some scrap wool roving to a piece of scrap wool felt to try embroidering over it. From there everything just came together as I was working on it, without having a clear image in my head. It’s really wonderful when that happens.
I would love to finish it. I just need to find the time for a little more stitching.

(EDIT: here it is all finished: A fiber artsy finish)

knitting and embroidery

Second is this Baktus scarf (the pattern is super simple and can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/norwayneedles/2963651011/). I started knitting it in the fall, because for once I thought I’d knit myself a scarf before I actually needed it. The knitting was done in less than a week, but since I used scrap yarn there is a gazillion ends to weave in. So that’s where I left it… all winter.

knitting and embroideryknitting and embroidery


  1. I love your embroidery! it is stunning, and your scarf is lovely too!

  2. That is the first Baktus I've really liked. It's much more fun in scrap yarn! And I'm in to scrap yarn these days.
    I love the embroidery. I haven't done needle-felting … yet.
    I'm so glad you found my blog. And I'm so jealous that you live in the Netherlands. I'm trying to talk my husband into a biking trip in your country. I love Amsterdam and am dying to visit Ghent and Antwerp!

  3. Love that needle felted piece – lovely!

  4. oh the felted embroidered piece is so dynamic. Textural and colorful and subtle all at once. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Both projects are beautiful. I love the needle felted project.

  7. I love that needle felted piece as well. Such nice spring like colours.

  8. Your stitchery is gorgeous! The colours and textures are perfect! Enjoy your stitches!

  9. I love the felted wool piece! You will have your scarf ready for next winter!

  10. Love all the different yarns in your scarf, makes it so interesting.

  11. Thanks!
    It's not all that beautiful you know 😉 But I do hope you get to make the trip one day.

  12. Thanks! I visited your blog and LOVE your work!

  13. Wow, thank you for the compliments!

  14. Thanks! Also thanks for your wonderful linky party.

  15. Thank you! Very appropriate for the moment 😉

  16. Haha yes I guess I will!

  17. Thanks. There is a bit of cheating going on though, because the yarns I used are self-patterning.

  18. Your embroidery is beautiful! It would make a wonderful brooch!

  19. I like the idea of a Multicolored baktus sjaal
    fantastic way to use up all one`s restjes

  20. I really like your embroidered wool!! I have planned to embroider on wool but have not come around to doing it yet. Your picture gave me some extra inspiration!

  21. Thank you! Maybe I will make a brooch of it.