TAST 2012 #14: Satin Stitch

I joined the Take A Stitch Tuesday project in 2012 to teach myself embroidery and learn from others; these are my stitches.
There is a new 2018 version active; visit this website if you would like to join or just have a look at all the beautiful stitching.

TAST 2012 Stitch 14: Satin Stitch
Very pretty stitch! Very time (and thread) consuming though 🙂

TAST 2012 #13 Satin Stitch - Embroidery - Studio Paars

satin stitch


  1. Your pretty flower must have taken a long time to sew.

  2. Thanks for linking up an awesome project! Stop by again next week and link up some cool stuff!

    Have a great week!

  3. Pretty flower! I am terrible at hand sewing, I should give it some practice.

  4. beautiful work . .makes me want to dabble in stitchery 🙂

  5. Seeing your embroidery takes me back to when I used to do this (during my kid's nap times) It was my therapy. Seeing your work makes me realize that I miss doing this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks.
    @ BeColorful: it really can be very therapeutic. and just plain fun too 🙂