Hello little blog. I’m sorry for neglecting you.
I know I have been spending way too much time on Instagram lately. And also I’ve been crafting like a maniac, because in a few weeks I’m doing a craft fair!
Well, it’s a tiny market really. I think. It’s new so I have no idea how big it will be.
Anyway, just wanted to show a little something (the first of a lot more I hope) I made recently. I was seeing all the lovely embroidered hoops everywhere and after some doubts I finally started making my own. They are so much fun to make!
They would look lovely in any nursery and make the perfect personal gift for any parent-to-be, embroidered with the baby’s name and (optional) date of birth etc.
I am now considering selling custom name hoops on my Etsy shop; not sure how to go about that though. Any tips?


embroidered baby names


embroidered baby names


embroidered baby names


embroidered baby names
I sometimes link up at these parties:
embroidered baby names


  1. Your hoops are sweet, doing custom hoops can be tricky but here is what I have come across over the years. Your customer should pay in advance in full since it is a custom order the name and other info will be specific to the buyer. When the buyer makes the sale they will provide specifics Name, date of birth weight length and any other detail you may offer. These would be non refundable because they are buyer specific. I hope this helps.

  2. I don’t know anything to help you get started selling them, or maybe you already got going? I agree with Deborah that with custom names, the customer should pay up front, and it should be non-refundable. We always think there won’t be a problem, but then sometimes there is. I think it’s already designed for up-front payment on Etsy, just be sure to state that it is non-refundable.

    Your embroidery of Betsy is so cute, I’m sure there would be people who would love this for baby shower gifts, or other purposes. The last photo, with the flowers, is my favorite.